Our bathrooms

Discover our bathrooms

3 bathrooms inside our house to avoid long queues at the shower !

The gîte des amis can accommodate up to 14 people.

For your comfort and to facilitate bathroom logistics, we have three shower rooms available inside the house.

2 towels per person are provided (one bath towel and one shower towel).

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A ground floor bathroom with separate toilet

The first bathroom is on the ground floor with a separate toilet. This gives quick and easy access to the toilet and shower, which can be very practical.

Also, the ground-floor bathroom is particularly useful for people with reduced mobility or those who have difficulty getting up and down stairs.

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First floor bathroom

The second bathroom is upstairs.

Just as practical as the ground floor shower room, it gives you space to wash and get ready without having to go downstairs.

This upstairs bathroom will be very useful for guests staying in rooms on this floor, so you can continue to improve your comfort and enjoy a quality service throughout your stay.

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Bathroom in the Atelier bedroom

A third bathroom is never too much, especially when the house has a large number of guests. It gives you quick, easy access and space for washing and getting ready.

What’s more, this bathroom, integrated into the Atelier bedroom, is also close to the games room, so will be useful for people staying in this particular room.

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Gite des Amis ?

Whether with family, friends, for a business seminar, or whatever the reason, the Gîte des Amis welcomes you for your group stays.

Come and have some good time together in our fully-equipped, large-capacity group gîte.